Wellness Exams

Wellness exams for puppies, kittens and adults focus on maintaining a happy, healthy pet. When we examine your pet, we will examine and palpate all organ systems, with the intent of finding any abnormalities in a timely fashion. By doing this, we can treat or manage many problems before serious damage is done.

Vaccines are also a big part of your pets’ health, find out more information on our vaccination page.

We will also discuss your pet’s nutrition, behavior, and any changes or concerns you may have. By performing thorough exams on an annual basis, we strive to prevent disease from occurring or treat it as soon as it is detected.

Golden Years Exams

Since on average, a dog or cat ages 7 years to every one human year, a lot can change in a year. Starting at 8 years old, we recommend twice a year examinations and wellness bloodwork.

Wellness bloodwork gives us a baseline in case there is ever a problem, and allows us to catch kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease and many other conditions before symptoms arise. In turn, we are able to help your pet live a better quality of life for longer. Some abnormalities that are found on bloodwork can be treated before they become a problem.

We also can form a treatment plan to aid with pain/discomfort or trouble moving around.